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Hello and welcome to my new website!  Where to begin?  I've always wanted to write a blog.  In high school one of my teachers had us write short informal assignments called "How are you doing?" I loved these assignments - they made you sit still for a moment to take stock of what was going on in your life. Of course my teacher (Hi, Mr. Y!) was the only one reading them then.  I'll try not to make this too therapeutic but rather give a little insight into the preparations and behind the scenes craziness that are part of this wonderful but more than slightly insane profession.  I write this entry from a hotel in Dortmund, where I've been rehearsing for concerts of Rameau's music.  (I've not been rehearsing in the hotel, of course, but in the Konzerthaus near-by. ;-)) I'm working with the exceptionally dynamic conductor, Teodor Currentzis and his orchestra, MusicAeterna for the first time.  It's a very exciting and fast-paced kind of work - the kind of work that keeps you on your toes listening and watching with all of your might, praying that you don't miss a nuance!  Because they are renovating this hotel, and drilling begins at 7.45 in the morning (the glamorous life!! ;-), I am happy that tomorrow is a travel day, and we're moving on to Geneva.  Hope that you are all well and please press your thumbs (the German way of making a good luck sign) for the concerts.
All the best,
P.S. Thanks for checking out the website and having some patience with me as I learn how to work it. 

Written by : Robin Johannsen

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