Switching Gears...

Switching Gears...

(From September 7 – There was a glitch in my blog that wouldn’t let me post last week so here are some thoughts from then...)

This week I would love to be graceful and cool, smooth and elegant, and above all, calm and sure in all of my travels! But if I managed to do this, I wouldn’t be me – especially the part about being calm and sure in all of my travels. (This is not an exaggeration - I have managed to get lost in every city I’ve ever visited. Luckily there are almost always kind and patient people around who are happy to help.)

This is a week of transitions. Transitions in music, language, cities, countries, and being at home with my family versus being on the road missing my family. It was an amazing experience singing my first Rameau in Montreux with Teodor Currentzis a few days ago, completely different than any concert I’ve sung before! (More on that next week after we’ve performed the last concert in that series.) Today I am back in Berlin rehearsing for a concert with what now feels like old friends, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin. Unlike the French Rameau, in this concert I’m singing Italian cantatas by J.S. Bach and Antonio Caldara. It’s all baroque music, and yet the styles of the three composers could not be more different. This is exciting and a real challenge in transitioning because of course, you don’t want to step out onstage unless you can do the composer and therefore your audience justice.

Tomorrow it’s off to Bremen for more Rameau, Saturday more Bach and Caldara in Güstrow with Akamus, and Monday Rameau again in Vienna! As I alternate back and forth between cities, composers, styles, and orchestras this week, trying to keep my sense of humor as I get lost, I’ll be wishing you all smooth transitions as well.

Written by : Robin Johannsen

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